Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Bad Wildlife Photography Wall of Fame

I am a really bad photographer. Don't mistake that for false modesty, any picture that has ever appeared on this blog that is not absolutely terrible has only arrived due to a confluence of dumb luck and filtering through hundreds of really crappy photos to pick out the least crappy of the lot. I love digital cameras, as I am no longer paying $30 for 24 terrible photos on the hope that one of them might be worth looking at again, and being disappointed.

So we travelled in Africa and saw lots of cool animals. Mostly, I just stood back and looked ,as any one of you (or me) can go to Google and search the Internet for a million photos of any given species any time they want, I am unlikely to contribute meaningfully to the existing database.

But delusions of grandeur affect us all, and I have a camera, so every now and then we tried to snap some photos. Here are the best examples of why that is a really bad idea.

Apparently a crocodile. Or a rock. Or neither. Who the hell knows.

There is an animal somewhere in this photo.

This one too. Somewhere around the middle.

This lizard is very small.

This one is fuzzy.

I have no idea what this is. Buffalo? Rhino? Something is lying on the ground a very long way away.

I think this is a pig.

Apparently a hippo.

This is definitely an ostrich.

I swear he was just looking at the camera!

As you can tell from his ass print, this is a different elephant than...

This one.

This one, you can't even see his ass. Damn.

For all of those, you can click to see in wide screen glory. National Geographic it ain't.

And this is only an example, we have more. Some people have asked if we were going to do a slide show. I think this is your answer.

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